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A Simple Vendor Checklist for Your First Market: Essential Tools and Tips

Disclaimer, this is for the very small vendors out there, like myself. At this point in my business journey, my products don't require a very large set up.

Now that it's officially Spring, market season is right around the corner! If you're about to go to your first vendor market, then this checklist should come in handy. It's a simple list of my market must-haves as a small vendor. To get an idea of what I pack, here is what my set up looks like:

Vendor Checklist & Tips


  • Table

  • Table cover

  • Chair

  • Display tray

  • Signage w/ Business name

  • Additional decor for fun/vibes


  • Pens

  • Notepad

  • Scissors

  • Packaging Tape


  • Cash (smaller bills for change)

  • Cash box/bag

  • Bags for customer purchases

  • Signage w/ Socials Media and Website QR code (in picture frame)

  • Signage  w/ Payment QR Codes: Venmo, PayPal, CashApp QR Codes (in picture frame)


  • Water

  • Snacks

  • Kindle or book (lots of downtime)

  • Portable phone charger

  • Lip Balm & Lotion

  • Hand Sanitizer / Disinfectant wipes

  • Comfortable shoes & clothes

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

Helpful Tips:

  • Start promoting the market on social media 1-2 weeks ahead

  • Check the weather the night before so you dress & prepare accordingly

  • Practice your set up & takedown - take reference photos too!

  • Double check that your forms of payment work

  • Arrive to to the venue early, especially if it's first come, first serve for a spot

  • Bring a friend - it's great to have someone for moral support, especially if it's your first market! (Plus, they can help you out while you grab a bite or use the bathroom)

  • Keep things budget-friendly: look around your home. Is there anything you own that you can use? I grabbed things around my apartment, and the only thing I had to buy was the table cover.

  • Canva is a great resource & tool - my sister used it to design the social media and payment QR codes.

Like this list? Click here to download a PDF copy of this list.

Want to add to it? Feel free to add your must-haves in the comments! I'll add them to future versions of the list!

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